Elizabeth Miller

I am Elizabeth Miller. I am married to Iain and have one daughter named Caroline, a lecturer at West of Scotland University, who has a partner called Craig. I also have a son, Jonathan, who is a policeman and is married to Sarah, a carer.

I was brought up in Kirkcaldy, Fife, went to university at Aberdeen and moved to Glasgow when I graduated.  I worked in the Civil Service as a VAT Officer, Lewis’ Ltd as an Assistant Sales Manager and lately in a school office doing admin until I retired two years ago.

I have had Parkinson’s for 13 years and my father also suffered from Parkinson’s for almost 30 years.

I became interested in research as I want to do all I can to improve the life of sufferers and future sufferers.  I can see the advances that have been made since my father had the condition. I have been involved in a few experiments myself and decided to join the Glasgow Research Interest Group when it started.

I was recently examined and tested to assess if I was a good candidate for Deep Brain Stimulation but I did not find out the result due to the outbreak of Covid 19 and operations like this being put on hold.