Message from Dr. Grosset

“I am delighted to hear of the formation of the Glasgow Research Interest Group in Parkinson’s. This is an important venture and I expect it will be a key source of information for those with Parkinson’s and their families, to learn about research studies and the testing of new treatments. 

Glasgow has always had a significant research interest for Parkinson’s, and a huge number of people from Glasgow and the west of Scotland who have Parkinson’s have taken part in different types of research over the past 25 years. This has included the development of new brain scanning techniques, and the testing of new drugs several of which have been successful during that period. The brain scan test, and several new drugs, are now part of our routine clinical practice. 

In today’s world, research for new treatments takes place at the large-scale level, meaning that it involves centres across Europe or North America, and often both. So we are in Glasgow a part of a huge network, and like other regions we are all taking part in research to improve both our understanding of Parkinson’s and the way we treat it. The other very important part of research is the contribution of family members, not only their support of the patient who is taking part in research, but also sometimes as ‘controls’ who can provide a reference for what we see when someone is not affected by Parkinson’s – this is relevant for example when we are developing a new scan test. So I would like to thank everyone with Parkinson’s, and to those close to someone with Parkinson’s, for your interest in Parkinson’s research – we have made progress, but we still need to be active in research to continue to improve what we can do to lessen the symptoms of Parkinson’s, and one day hopefully, reverse or even prevent the onset of Parkinson’s.”

Dr Donald Grosset from Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital